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Shiloh was formed in 1814 after an acre of land was donated for the purpose of establishing a meeting house for the Methodist Church.  Through the years, and after several generations of loyal and committed servants of the Lord had planted and harvested fruits of the spirit, Shiloh separated from the United Methodist Church on April 23, 2021 and established Shiloh Community Church as a non-denominational entity in order to continue to worship in faith and fellowship as God has led us through His inerrant word.  We look to include all who will come and worship with us with the full understanding that the written word of God is our final authority of faith and practice.

We are led by a Board of Directors in all matters pertaining to corporate and business transactions for Shiloh Community Church, Inc.  The Board meets a minimum of twice per year and at other needed occasions.

All ecumenical and related activities are handled through a Governing Council composed of committee chairpersons, the members of the Board of Directors and at large members.  The standing committees serve as the working members of the church who initiate and act on all manners of church needs.  The current active committees are the Trustees, Worship and Music, Education, Outreach and Missions, Pastor Parish, Finance, Building and Grounds, and Nominations.  Other work areas include the Library, Church Records, and History Committee, the Advanced Wisdom Team, Shiloh Women’s Group, Fellowship Hall Committee, and the Health, Safety, and Security Team.

All of these groups are committed to ensuring a vibrant and energetic church that seeks to instill the living word of God in its members and all who choose to worship with us.  Our current global ministries include the financial and prayer support for COKO (Children of Kilimanjaro Orphanage), an orphanage for 30 needy children in Tanzania, Africa and the Look unto Jesus Ministries (through Global Outreach Ministries in Tupelo, MS), an orphanage for 45 abandoned children in Bangalore, India.  Our local outreach programs include a Backpack ministry for hungry school children, Christmas gift boxes of sundry items for elderly and needy, Trunk or Treat for local children, a yearly “candle burning” in honor and memory of family and loved ones of which the proceeds go to local missions and others.

Our church maintains a culture of traditional values found in our faith and practice, music, order of worship, and preference for sermons and Bible studies.  Dress styles vary by individuals from coat and tie to very informal with no partiality or prejudice for either.

Shiloh is a very loving and concerned group that holds to prayer for the well-being of others as a strong part of our focus in ministry.  Our daily prayer chain which goes out to all participants, members and non-members alike, keeps us connected during the week as a prayer support group.  We maintain a list of prayer recipients in our weekly church bulletin and recognize any and all prayer concerns as a regular part of our worship service.

We have a very active (notwithstanding recent Covid-virus relaxations) and extremely talented choir and music program with exceptional musicians.   We also have a singing church that participates heavily in congregational hymns.  On occasion we will have a song service in lieu of a sermon with congregational participation.  At times we will also call in outside singing groups for participation in our service.  Various choir members and others from the congregation will have a special song as a part of the service.

Prior to the Covid concerns, Sunday School was held each week for four classes (mens, womens, mixed, and youth).  These classes have been suspended as of now, but we anticipate that they will resume as warranted.

Shiloh has a very organized and functional leadership as attested to by the activities of the Board of Directors and Governing Council.  Wide participation of the Council membership reflects a broad support of the congregation as a whole and results in effective and judicious support in all areas of ministry and administration.  While we have a wide and varied range of ideas on how to accomplish our goals, we are very united in purpose and direction.  Our vote to disaffiliate recently from the United Methodist Church resulted in a 100% agreement.

Ages vary among an active weekly congregation of 35-40 participants.  However, there are more in the over 65 age group than in the less than 35 ages.  While there are a few children, we need to focus on the youth and their families as a growth goal in order to assure a bright and successful short-term and long-term future for Shiloh.  Changes from our normal course of participation may be necessary for us to achieve this goal. 

Our physical facilities include a sanctuary that will seat up to 150 people comfortably, three dedicated classrooms, administrative and pastor’s office, library, nursery, fellowship hall with seating for 100 and adjoining full kitchen.  Given the current attendance, we have ample room for significant increase in attendance without expansion.

Previous pastors were assigned to us by the United Methodist Church on an itinerant basis, so we seldom had pastors to serve more than four years.  Since we have become independent, we have no history for length of tenure, but currently there is no stipulation on length of service.  Our Pastor Profile defines our expectations for the pastor we look for.

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